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Mentioned privacy policy has been accumulated to serve individuals who enter GeniusVideos.co and are worried about how their “personal data'” is being utilized on the web.

The privacy policy we use is in accordance with US protection law and data security, which states that the information collected, can be utilized by the domain’s owner without anyone else’s involvement, keeping the contact details confidential.

It is advised to thoroughly read the privacy policy of GeniusVideos.co to understand better how we gather, use, ensure or in any case handle your Identified Personal Information as per our site.

How do we collect data?

We gather data from you when you register on our site through an email or when you put in a request, or place an order or respectively enter any other kind of data on our site.

How do we use your personal information?

When you enter the required information, we gather data about you or your business and forward it to the concerned department. Ensuring your personal information is secured, the data we receive from your end is never used or shared for any other purposes, or to anyone else rather than the concerned representative.

How we ensure your confidentiality

Each word entered on GeniusVideos.co remains within the website’s domain. We use secure programming namely SSL – SECURE SERVER SOFTWARE that encrypts and protects any entered information. The entered data is visible only when your information is received to our server. Concluding that no hacker can access your information until the server’s owner acknowledges it.

we work actively and effectively to ensure that we utilize any data you give us in a manner that is 100% protected.

Third-Party Involvement and use of “cookies”

GeniusVideos.co does not permit any third-party involvement regarding our client’s personal information, purchase, or any other request.

We use “cookies”, known as bits of information, in order to process payment. This process may include your account details or any other form of payment method which is required for placing the order. Most web programs naturally acknowledge “cookies” yet has the permit to change security settings. So, you can reject or accept cookies dependent upon the situation.

Data Sharing Agreement

Once you enter your data or any other information on GeniusVideos.co, it implies that you have agreed on the terms and conditions provided by our website. This means we have the right to collect and use your provided data according to the need.

In case the user is under 18 of age, he or she must fill in the required information including name, email address, or any other point of contact according to the applicable law.

Any progressions to our privacy policy will be posted and updated on this page of our website.

We Ensure Your Privacy

Logo Design Genius is focused on securing your information according to online protection law. While respecting your data privacy we also deliver pleasant Web experience so any transaction can be performed smoothly.

How to Contact Us

In case, the information provided regarding our privacy policy is unclear, you may email at info@geniusvideos.co